You Will Die at 20

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Amjad Abu Alala | Sudan, France, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Qatar | 2019 | drama | 109 min. | Arabic spoken | English subtitles

This rare production from Sudan, where film-making has been almost impossible over the past three decades, is a beautifully designed fairytale about an unusual coming-of-age. In a small Sudanese village, Muzamil’s youth is overshadowed by a prediction made about him when he was a baby: he would not grow older than twenty. His father left the family, his mother shields him from the outside world as much as she can and his contemporaries avoid him.

An encounter with a cameraman who has returned to the village from Khartoum in his old age, opens up a window to the world outside his native village for Muzamil. In the meantime his twentieth birthday is getting closer.




June 25 – July 5 2020 | 00:00

Cinéma Arabe

Sphinx Art Productions
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