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Farid Eslam | Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Egypt, Canada, VS | 2015 | 85 min. | Arabic, English spoken – English subtitles

Before, during and after the Arab Spring, documentary filmmaker Farid Eslam followed a number of artists from the underground scene in the Middle East: young, progressive musicians and artists from different countries who call for social change through their work. Among them the Jordanian rapper Ostaz Samm, whose politically tinged lyrics address the problems his generation faces. The Palestinian artist Amer Shomali claims that his work has more impact than the deeds of politicians, because he has a stronger vision. The film paints a brighter picture than we are used to seeing of cities like Amman, Cairo, Haifa and Ramallah. It also demonstrates that critical artists still encounter much opposition.

Unfortunately the nightprogram Yallah! Yallah! is cancelled and moved to september 21. Your filmticket gives you free entrance to Poptrash in the Upstairs at de Melkweg.



Melkweg Cinema Amsterdam

Sat May 11 | 21:30
short movie: Before I forget

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