The Accidental Rebel

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Randa Chahoud | Germany | 2019 | drama | 108 min. | English, Arabic, German spoken | English subtitles

Five years after having left for Germany to study, the Syrian Karim has build up a stable life in Hamburg with his Icelandic girlfriend Lilly. They are expecting a child and look forward to be reunited with Karim’s family that managed to escape to Sofia. But when Karim finds out his older brother Yassir stayed behind in Syria, he takes a naive decision to visit him in the middle of the ongoing war.

This powerful feature film debut shows the tragedy of the Syrian conflict from two sides. While Karim gets involved more than he planned for, his worrying girlfriend thousands of kilometers away must face the uncertainties of her own future.




June 25 – July 5 2020 | 00:00

Cinéma Arabe

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