Look at Me

Feature film

Néjib Belkadhi | Tunisia, France, Qatar | 2018 | drama, family | 96 min. | Arabic, French spoken | English subtitles

Lotfi has got it made: his white goods company in Marseille is doing well and his girlfriend is pregnant with their first child. His hot temper gets him into trouble sometimes, but a man has to stand up for himself, right? Then he is told that his ex-wife in Tunis is in a coma caused by a cerebral hemorrhage and that he now has custody of his son, who he walked out on seven years ago.

This confronts Lotfi with a reality he has been hiding all this time. He would prefer to keep it that way, but is he still able to? Or has the moment come to put aside his urge to prove himself and his ideas about manhood, in order to become a father?




from June 25 2020

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