Investigating paradise

Merzak Allouache | Algeria |2016| 136 min | Documentary | Arabic spoken | English subtitles

Exquisite wine and ravishing beauties – 72 for every man! This type of representations on the Afterlife are being promulgated on the Youtube channels of Salafi preachers.

In Investigating Paradise, the young Algerian journalist Nedjma investigates the way religious Algerians think about life after death and how these fantasies influence their daily life. Just like their fantasies, the film is a powerful combination of real-life documentary and fiction: Nedjma is a character, the interviews are real. In the numerous animated conversations, pertinent issues are being discussed. When all human needs are being saved for Paradise, is there any point in striving for a better society or a happier life on earth? And also, what awaits female Muslims in paradise?


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