From My Syrian room


Hazem Alhamwi | France, Germany, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar | 2014 | 70 min. | Arabic spoken | English subtitles

How do you stay true to yourself in a dictatorship that wipes out your individuality like an eraser and fosters a culture of fear? The Syrian Hazem Alhamwi (1980) retreated to his room and found freedom in drawing. When the revolution breaks out in 2011, the filmmaker and artist does not dare to confront his inner demons directly. Instead Alhamwi explores his memories, from his childhood to the present day – and thus the desire for freedom of the Syrian people.

In his room, his former drawing teacher, his girlfriend Rhina (incognito), and former political prisoner Ghassan, among others, share their experiences with the brutal regime of father and son Assad with the camera. Alhamwi’s drawings illustrate the shared fear and despair.




from June 25 2020

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