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Hicham Ayouch | Morocco, France | 2014 | drama | 90 min. | French spoken – Dutch subtitles

Benjamin is at war: with life, with adults, with himself. When his mother lands in jail, the troubled 13-year-old ends up with his father Karim. They have never met. Karim, in his forties, lives with his parents in a bleak Parisian suburb and has resigned himself to a marginal existence. The arrival of Benjamin – maladjusted and aggressive – messes up their life.

Karim is forced to overcome his apathy to get closer to his son. Meanwhile, Benjamin strolls through the neighbourhood and makes friends with eccentric poet and unexpected soul mate Claude. A beautifully filmed, understated drama about lost innocence and rebellion against loneliness.




Thu May 9 | 14:45
short movie: The reason, July 2017

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