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Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud | Tunisia | 2018 | drama | 102 min. | Arabic, English spoken – English subtitles

Brahim Nadhour (Ahmed Hafiene) flies from his hometown Paris to Tunisia for a sad reason: he has come to bury his son Marouane, who died in a motorcycle accident. Against the will of his ex-wife Loubna (Ghalia Benali) he decides to involve the mosque in the ceremony. He cannot help but notice how much the character of the religious community has changed in the meantime; he is all the more surprised to find out that Marouane, who had a secular upbringing, had become a regular attender at the mosque before his death.

Realizing how little he knows about his son, Brahim starts to investigate. A series of dark discoveries turn the film into an unembellished but blood-curdling detective.




Tue May 7 | 19:00
short movie: Nefta football club

Fri May 10 | 15:30 na afloop paneldiscussie met makers en gasten
short movie: Yousef

Lumiére Cinema

Wed May 8 | 19:00
short movie: Nefta football club

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