Copper Notes of a Dream


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Reza Farahmand | Canada, Iran | 2019 | 88 min. | Arabic spoken | English subtitles

In Jarmuk, a district of Damascus that came under heavy fire during the war with IS, ten-year-old Malook and his friends visit the destroyed homes. The copper from the electrical cables that they manage to pull off walls and from under ceilings earns them some money.

The uncertain future doesn’t keep Malook from dreaming out loud of a career as a singer, and together with his musical sister Ghofran he makes ambitious plans to organise a concert with professional musicians in the ruins of the local stadium. The aesthetically framed images express the dreams of these children and their ability to find beauty amidst the havoc.




June 25 – July 5 2020 | 00:00

Cinéma Arabe

Sphinx Art Productions
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1051 CA Amsterdam

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