During the festival several filmmakers and experts of the Arab world will be present. With them we will discuss about  three documentaries from the festival program.

The liberal headscarf?

What do you do when as a liberal Muslim in Europe, you have to deal with a daughter who suddenly decides to wear a headscarf? In both the feature film Mariam and the documentary The tainted veil, we see a collision between religious and secular views concerning the issue of wearing a headscarf. Does the Dutch Muslim woman wear a headscarf because of a cultural custom or a religious rule? After the screening of The tainted veil, we will have a conversation with the filmmakers.

Guests: Mazen Al Khayrat (director The tainted veil), Vanessa Vroon-Najem (postdoc researcher antropology UvA and writer of Bekeerd) and Cindy van den Bremen (empathic designer).
Moderator: Leila al-Zwaini (arabist/jurist, Buitenhof)
Language: English

fri 22 april | 17:00u

Egypt in historical perspective

Precisely five years ago, the world gazed hopefully at the pictures of Tahrir Square. Now, five years after the Arab revolutions, the disillusionment appears complete: more than ever there is a gulf between rich and poor, criticism is not tolerated and political opponents of the regime are in jail. Is history repeating itself? After the screening of Egypt’s modern pharaoh’s: Sadat & Mubarak we will speak with director Jihan El-Tahri and others about the necessity for this trilogy, the tension between the military regime and the Muslim Brotherhood and the political status of today’s Egypt.

Guests: Jihan El-Tahri (director Egypt’s modern pharaoh’s), Vivienne Matthies-Boon (professor International Relations of the Middle East, UvA) and Adel Salem (director Cinéma Arabe).
Moderator: Nadia Moussaid
Language: English

De Balie
sat 23 april | 17:00u

Music as a driving force for social change?

When politicians steal your dreams, who then gives direction to your life? According to Farid Eslam, director of the documentary Yallah! Underground, underground music plays an important role in this. But how far can musicians in the Arab world go? And to what extent does music have the potency to bring about social change? After the screening of Yallah! Underground, we will have a conversation with the director and others about artistic resistance in times of conflict.

Guests: Farid Eslam (director Yallah! Underground), Ghalia Benali (singer and actrice) and Anne van Oostrum (arabist/musicologist, UvA).
Moderator: Nadia Moussaid
Language: English

De Balie
sun 24 april | 15:00u

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