During the festival several filmmakers and experts of the Arab world will be present. With them we will discuss about the documentaries from the festival program.

Radicalism in Europe

Yet again, Festival Cinema Arabe will bring groundbreaking movies from all over the Arab world that are related to current issues and controversies. Partly because of the increasing number of terrorist attacks in Europe, Islam finds itself in the limelight. Nowadays everyone seems to have an opinion in debates that become fiercer every day. How is the ordinary Muslim affected by the rise of Islamic radicalism and Islamophobia? How do we fight the battle against stereotypes and prejudices? And why is it that mainly teenagers of Arab descent are vulnerable to radicalization? The documentary Latifa, a life standing follows Latifa, whose son was killed in 2012 during the terror attack near Toulouse. Since the attack, she has crossed the country giving lectures in banlieues, prisons and even in parliament, to fight radicalization in her own way.

Cinema Arabe is honored to announce that Latifa and the producers of the documentary will be present at the festival in Amsterdam. After the screening, they will participate in a debate on this pressing issue.

De Balie
Mon 17 april | 15.15h
After screening Latifa, a life standing

Gender in the Arab world

 The position of women in the Arab world has always been a hot topic, but the concept of gender in general is also trending in debates on feminism. Islamic feminism differs from feminism we are familiar with in the Netherlands: its focus lies more with the Islamic community and the traditional structures, while feminism in the Netherlands is more about individuality and sexuality.

Additionally, sexuality, homosexuality and transgenderism are also being discussed more and more. Are predominantly Islamic societies ready to tackle the debate on such topics of gender and sexuality? The Tunisian movie Upon the Shadow follows a group of LGBT young people. They fight a tough fight with Tunisian society, but also with their own family. We will debate with filmmakers and experts from the Netherlands.

De Balie
Sat 15 april | 17:00h
After screening Upon the shadow

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