Festival Cinéma Arabe | 6 – 11 May | Amsterdam & Rotterdam

Festival Cinéma Arabe is the Dutch film festival featuring contemporary Arab cinema. The sixth edition of Cinéma Arabe takes place from 6 – 11 May.

Festival Cinéma Arabe offers the best of contemporary cinema from countries such as Egypt and Morocco, Palestine and Lebanon. Through the eyes of filmmakers from such a diverse region, Cinéma Arabe provides a different look at life in the Arab world – the view from the inside. Have a look at the program below.

19 april | Cinéma Arabe Filmclub presenteert: Electro Chaabi


19 april | CONCERT: Electro Chaabi – Figo & Alaa Fifty feat. DJ Martin




4 mei | The Turtles’ Song: A Moroccan Revolution

Turtles' Song